Ringtone Apoko kicked out of his Runda home.

Contentious musician Alex Apoko well known as Ringtone eventually kicked out of his Runda luxurious home after a notice of eviction expired.

The house is being sold after a case.

Ringtone fraudulently amassed the Runda property and lived there for years before the officials kicked him out.

AGN Kamau Advocates published a notice to Ringtone to leave the Runda property within 10 days in a letter dated September 28th 2021.

According to papers, the Runda home which is placed on parcel number L.R. 7785/94 formerly was owned by Mona Ingegard Bjorklund, a Swedish national who died on July 5, 2007.

Ringtone Apoko kicked out of his Runda home.

Ringtone had before contended that the Swedish national left him the multimillion shillings Runda property but later asserted that he bought it, but the truth is that he had grabbed it.

The dubious gospel singer is said to be a bigwig of a wash wash cartel that targets property which lie idle.

However, Ringtone quietly walked out of the Runda residence without resulting in any drama before the notice of eviction even expired.

He had to leave his 2 ranger rovers as it belongs the deceased Swedish national.

7-bedroom palace which sits on 1.2 acre plot is auctioning at Ksh80 million on a website by Mitula Property.


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