Jalang'o with his wife. PHOTO


After hosting a very prosperous Luo Festival event, everything almost crashed and was only rescued by a text from a female fan whom he had saved as 'Daddy's girl' on his phone.

According Jalang'o , one guy moved toward him at the backstage asking him to take a photo with his daughter who is a great fan of his and that is when things almost went south.

"So they didn't have a good phone camera and I chose to use mine. So since I wanted to send them the photos I saved her number as daddy's girl." Jalang'o recited.

So na mambo zangu I forgot to send the photos. So she texted me. 'Hey please don't forget to send the photos.' Wifey akaniletea simu akaiangusha hapo akasema 'Daddy's girl anataka photos.'

Jalang'o said now his largest assignment was to decipher who the 'daddy's girl' is to his wife and managed to convince her that there was no cause for alarm.

"So I told wifey go to my gallery and send those photos it's her father who took those photos." He added.

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