Mombasa Law Court has ruled to a woman to pay her husband Kshs 700,000 as compensation for having a child outside their marriage.

According to sources, the woman gave birth to another man and fabricated a story to her husband that the child is his. 

The husband who has been raising the kid since 2019 unknowingly only came to know that the child wasn't his from other people.

Delivering the ruling, the court contended that the compensation amount is a repayment of the amount used by the husband to raise the kid for those three years. 

The court further pointed out that the husband had suffered mental torture and embarrassment be as villagers knew the child wasn't his and thus the hefty fine.

"This money according to the court is a repayment of the amount spent by the man in taking care of the kid since 2019, mental torture and embarrassment faced by the man," read part of the report.

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