' Sema vile ulimoan, later ukapika dinner ' Willy Paul denies rape attempt claims from Diana Marua

Diana Marua and Willy Paul photo


Controversial artist Wilson Radido well known as Willy Paul has come out to deny allegations made by Diana Marua that he tried to rape her three years ago.

In his Youtube channel, Willy Paul termed the allegations dropped against him by Diana Marua as choreographed and ill-intentioned.

The artist questioned the rapper to be adequately clever and tell her husband, Bahati, the true version of events during their encounter from daylight until at Night.

“I know people will not believe me, but whatever you (Diana) said about rape is a big lie. That’s a big lie. I have never raped anyone. Tell your husband the truth.

“Tell him you slept at my place on your own volition and whatever happened thereafter was with your consent. Whatever allegations you’ve levelled against me are falsified and you know it,” he said.

" Why bring it now. Three years are gone. Now you wake and remember the rape. What happened even before you come to my house, you should explain to Bahati, " Paul added.

Diana argued that Willy Paul lured her into his car, and drove off to his place. Upon reaching, she developed cold feet and declined to alight from the car, requesting him to be returned home.

Diana added that Willy became angry and forced himself on her. Diana tearfully narrated how she fought off Willy Paul and screamed to raise an alarm but none came out for her rescue.

Willy Paul dusts Diana’s allegations, saying that they met and proceeded to his place with her consent. He added that she spent the night at his place and none was abused as she purports.

" She even wanted to stay for longer but I had other engagements. So we had to move out. She even cooked supper," Willy added.

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