[Video] Bodaboda rider who used to drop Diana Marua to Willy Pauls' house for sleepovers, talks
Diana Marua new face and her husband photo.

Boda Boda rider now explains the ordeal between Bahati’s wife Diana Marua at Willy Paul’s House almost every night for sleepovers.

According to the bodaboda man who was Diana Marua’s special rider, he took Diana to where Willy Paul used to stay not once not twice but on several occasions for sleepovers.

The bodaboda rider said;

"Diana Marua namjua namwelewa poa alikuwa customer wangu nilikuwa namchukua hapo akinipia simu namchukua nampeleka penye anahitaji.” Said the boda boda man who is currently based in Kisumu having moved from Nairobi.

Diana Marua new face and her husband photo.

The man disclosed that he was working in Kawangware then and he used to pick Diana Marua from Eastlands anytime and drop her to Willy Paul. 

He further refuted declarations by Diana that she was assaulted since the two were true lovers.

With respects to transport fee, the bodaboda man said that it was Willy Paul who used to pay fare for Diana since he loved her so much.

“Actually Willy Paul ndio alikuwa analipa fare. Diana hangetoa pesa ni kwa sababu Willy Paul alikuwa anampenda Diana na pia si unajua wanaume lazima akuwe mstari wa mbele ju hataki kujilet down. Na alikuwa ananilipa poa sana pia kale ka allowance ya kuenda kumleta alikuwa ananijenga ya macho.” Said the man whose video is at the end of this post.

Diana Marua new face and her husband photo.

Diana Marua had alleged before that Willy Paul lured her into his car, and drove off to his place and upon entering his home, she developed cold feet and refused to alight from the car, urging to be returned home.

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