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After performing her debut song Hatutaachana, Diana Bahati alias Diana B now explains the ordeal where she was nearly raped.

At the stage, some fans tried to get a glimpse of the Bahati's assets, however, they were blocked by her bodyguards. 



The move comes after accusing Willy Paul of attempted rape several years ago. Diana B explained in her youtube video that Willy Paul has been showing emotional advances in a clout chasing move.

Diana B has shared a video of what happened after the event. She posted on her Instagram handle. She said;

" I have Been Crying Since I Opened up in this Video; This Was Simply the Worst Day of My Life and a Horror Moment to any Woman Who has Come across Rape or almost got Raped 😭😭😭 I'm still in disbelief that a Man Can Forcefully attempt to Rape you but because they vê noticed you went Silent they still Clout Chase with Your Name Lying to the public that they have slept with You Just for Clout.

"Is that a Confirmation of what You Did??? 😭😭😭 You Even Cross the Limits and sing about it to Clout chase for the sake of saving your already dead Numbers & Career??? How do You even Lack Respect to that Extent??? Do you even dare Mention My Kids in Your Nonsense??? Where is Your Respect for Mothers & Women???

"Is that how You disrespect your Mother??? 😭😭😭 I was Silent Watching and Collecting the needed evidence for the 3 Cases I have filed with the Police in Court... All these Women You have Raped and Tried to Rape are already in my DMs and With the influence, God has given me I will make sure they all get Justice; A lot of Women have been Quiet because he threatens them to Know big People in Government Wacha Sasa Tuone- Now its Time we Stand for Our Women. I can't stop Crying 😭😭😭 💔💔💔 LET'S MEET IN COURT & STOP A RAPIST!!!

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