Crossdresser Kinuthia photo showing the photo of a camel online

A photo of prominent crossdresser, Kinuthia displaying his camel***  storms the internet with fans left in awe. 

The snapshot exhibiting Kinuthia’s camel*** came from a YouTube video.

Popular YouTuber Eve Mungai on her show was interviewing Kinuthia when the trolls began.

Kinuthia was chatting several issues like his upbringing, his time at school, his time as a content creator and being a cross dresser.

During the interview, fans glimpsed something peculiar about Kinuthia.


Kinuthia donned in revealing sweat pants and a tiny shirt exhibited something that left fans stunned. 

Kinuthia disclosed that he had something related to a  camel***. 

 An attentive fan was timely to take note of what was on show and phoned on others to zoom in if they could see what he could.

The fan’s statement got over one hundred likes and a number of sub-comments, mostly of people sending laughing emojis because of what they had seen.

Crossdresser Kinuthia photo showing the photo of a camel online

During an interview with Eve Mungai,   Eve then inquired of how his mother responds to him being a crossdresser. 

Kinuthia reported that his mum appreciated his move with the career path he selected. 

He remarked that she even funded him when he dropped out of school to focus on content creation full-time. 

According to Kinuthia, his mother even buys him dresses when she is shopping for herself.


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