Why Hassan Joho's wife of 10 years Giovanni files for divorce
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s wife Madina Giovanni Fazzini photo with Joho

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s wife Madina Giovanni Fazzini files for divorce at the Kadhi’s Court. 

The wife said there is no possibility of reconciliation.

Madina Giovanni Fazzini, Joho’s second wife, said in an affidavit documented in Mombasa that the Governor walked out of their marital home in 2013 and vacated her with the two children after their union in 2011.

Joho and Fazzini separated and are residing in different quarters in January 2013 but the Governor then moved out from the matrimonial home in June 2013.

Since then, the seeker said “the entity of our marriage has been dispelled and has no basis be maintained from a league and/or social standpoint.”

Fazzini said she proceeded in residing alone in the matrimonial home until 2020 when she opted to flee.

“There is no hope or possibility of reconciliation or settlement of whatsoever nature or kind between the petitioner and respondent,” Fazzini’s advocate notified the court in documents filed on January 26.

If Fazzini achieves in her pursuit to formally end her marriage with Joho, she will become the second wife to cut ties with the Governor whose first wife was also thawed.

Joho’s third wife is reported to be living in the United Kingdom.

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