Former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya 'Baha' girlfriend expecting first kid
Tyler Mbaya nicknamed Baha on citizen tv machachari  photo

Tyler Mbaya nicknamed Baha, a former cast member of EX Machachari, and his girlfriend Georgina Njenga have announced that they are expecting their first child together.

On Monday, Mbaya shared photographs of her baby bulge on Instagram, writing, "Never been this happy to meet someone in my life!"

Georgina wrote on her Instagram account, in a caption that appeared to be addressed to her baby. 

Tyler Mbaya nicknamed Baha on citizen tv machachari  photo

"I was both pleased and worried when I first learned about you, but one thing was certain: I needed you. The last six months have been difficult, but your little kicks make it all worthwhile. We adore you and are very excited to meet you, "she penned.

The comment section of their Instagram pages was then filled with candy, well-intentioned messages;

"Congratulations," said Pascaltokodi at the top of the social-media comment list.

"Hello, kunyamaza yotee ilikuwa kumbe inajipanga family. Best of luck! "jokingly wrote one of his followers.

Following that, the influencer couple posted a YouTube video in which they had a made-up chat in which they revealed their fantasies about becoming kids.

"Pia lazima tungediscuss if we want to continue YouTube with our baby coz its something sensitive...because anything that comes lazima tukue ready for the negativity and the positivity. Haikuangi always sweetness," said Georgina.

Tyler Mbaya nicknamed Baha on citizen tv machachari  photo

Mbaya on his part weighed in with, "We are about to be a complete fam manze. Excitement tu. Guys, I want you to be with us throughout this journey we also want you to give us some advice."

"Mimi kwa hii journey nataka niambiwe na other young dads vitu mlikua mnaonyesha. Ntafungua WhatsApp group niambiwe huko," he added.

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