Men seduce me, wants to taste how HIV positive lady is, Doreen Moraa claims
Doreen Moraa the Hiv positive woman photos

Despite her HIV status, an HIV activist who works in health-care organisations and advocates for research funding on AIDS-related illnesses has spoken openly about her interactions with men. 

Men are drooling over her, she revealed, and want to date her because they want to try an HIV-positive lady.

Doreen Moraa, an HIV-positive lady, has been outspoken about her status and has exhibited no fear of others. 

Despite the fact that she is HIV positive, she has spoken about HIV and stigma in a number of contexts, but what astounds her is that most guys still want her and are yearning for a taste of her.

Doreen Moraa the Hiv positive woman photos

Even married men who are aware of her HIV positive status have showed interest in dating her and are willing to book dates with her at hotels, which is surprising. 

Men, she alleges, want to sleep with her. Some people will even declare they wish to contact her because they have HIV. 

She should give them a taste of an HIV-positive woman, especially married males with spouses at home.

Doreen Moraa the Hiv positive woman photos

She is startled, however, by how uncaring men are about their partners, stating that some men even bow down appealing to sleep with her while knowing she is HIV positive, which she witnesses with sadness and tears for married ladies who would become victims of their husband's adultery.

Doreen advises men to take their lives seriously, particularly those of their families and women. She is forthright; she is a person of integrity. 

If she had allowed these rogue mems sleep with her, she could have transmitted the virus to countless families and people, but she chose not to, and she always said no to males, no matter what they offered her.

Doreen claims that some guys are prepared to sleep with her without protection, which astounds her given the recklessness she sees in males eager to become infected without regard for the repercussions. 

True, HIV isn't anything to brag about, but it's also not a death sentence because you can still live a regular life if you have it.

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