Why you should withdraw all cash from Sportpesa account after the weekend deduction announcement
Why you should withdraw all your money from Sportpesa after betting. Photo

SportPesa users in Kenya scramble to deactivate their accounts as they aired out their frustrations on social media after the business informed them of an impending deduction from all 'dormant' accounts.

Customers were provided with text messages over the weekend alerting them that if their accounts were inactive, they would be charged Ksh10 per month in administrative costs. 

Inactive customers holding funds in their SportPesa wallets may lose everything if they don't log in by April 10th.

“Dear customer, due to prolonged inactivity in your Sportpesa account, we will consider your account to be dormant unless you log in by 2022-04-10. Thereafter, your account will incur an administrative fee of KES 10.00 per month. If you wish to keep transacting, please log in before the said date,” the message read in part.

Why you should withdraw all your money from Sportpesa after betting. Photo

Many of the firm's clients, particularly those who responded online, were enraged and frustrated by the messages. 

Customers who wanted to deactivate or remove their accounts bombarded customer service channels with queries.

Those who objected were quickly halted in their tracks by SportPesa customer service representatives, who explained that it was following section 3.16 of their terms and conditions.

Sportpesa issue administrative fee for dormant accounts

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