Allan Makana, the Bungoma man who cried loudly while viewing Ex-President Meai Kibaki body arrested

A Bungoma suspect was arrested after causing a commotion outside parliament, where ex-president Mwai Kibaki's body is on display.

On Tuesday, April 26, Allan Makana made a fool when he sobbed loudly while requesting to see the former head of state's body.

While purporting to be Kibaki's distant grandchild, he paid no attention to a group of police officers who urged him to stop crying.

Makana claimed the news of his death broke him, and he cried out loud, wondering why his purported grandfather had died so young.

People in his village dubbed him Kibaki because of their similarities, and they only wanted to see his body, the man sobbed.

Another footage shows a shirtless Makana outside parliament, despite police officials' repeated requests for him to put on his shirt and stop crying.

The police officers took a stand after being instructed repeatedly to settle down.

As he wept, three plainclothes police officers carried the handcuffed man away, now wearing a pink hoodie.

Makana claimed he was arrested for being drunk, which he called false.

"They took me into custody." Who told you I was a boozehound? "Why are you preventing me from crying?"

As they escorted him away, the policemen were unconcerned.

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