Nairobi go without fuel in the next three days

Hundreds of cars were stranded in Kericho town on Wednesday morning as a result of a severe gasoline scarcity that plagued the town and nearby regions, which were mostly supplied by independent oil marketers.

Because Total Petrol Station was the only gasoline station with fuel in Kericho's Central Business District, lengthy lines of motorists formed to stock up on the remaining fuel, as the rest of the town's petrol stations remained abandoned owing to a scarcity of fuel.

Some motorists who talked to Kenya News Agency said that the lack of fuel began on Sunday evening at all of the town's major gas stations.

"We are hoping for a resolution to this dilemma because we are unable to operate our operations without gasoline." We are now purchasing 1 litre for Ksh.135. "I don't have a choice; my tank must be full," remarked Ezekiel Mutai, a driver.

Meanwhile, commuters in town who use public transportation faced higher bus and boda boda charges as drivers and customers lamented the present fuel crisis.

"Matatus and boda boda rates have begun to rise; we hope this problem is handled so that we can return to routine," said Nancy Chebet, a Kericho commuter.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority told the public that the country had ample fuel supplies since the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, oil marketers, and other sector players had handled supply concerns and were working to restore normality, according to a statement.

However, Nairobi could also be affected. Already fuel suppliers have given a warning that in the next two days, Nairobi could also go without fuel for several days.

It is still unknown if the suppliers are hoarding the product or it's insufficient in the country.

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