Nicah and Slahver photo

Nicah's news that she had broken up with her new boyfriend shocked the public.

 Nicah and Slahver both provide little details about their split, with Nicah explaining that the couple fell madly in love.

Slahver, on the other hand, decided to keep quiet until they were both cured.

Obinna took it a step further to investigate the problem after being dissatisfied with these explanations. 

Nicah and Slahver

Obinna discussed the conclusions of his investigation during today's Kiss FM morning broadcast, saying that people need to be taught from Slahver's blunders.

Nicah broke up with Slahver because of three major faults he committed.

1. Having Complete Confidence. Slahver, as per Obinna, thought Nicah couldn't break up with her since she didn't have else to go.

2. Giving Nicah more power than he heretofore possessed. Nicah is rumoured to be more well-known than Slahver, and Slahver's aim at Nicah was thought to be above his weight.

Nicah and Slahver

3. Demonstrating to Nicah how important she is to him.

4. Taking up residence in Nicah's home.

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