Citizen tv journalist Cliff Moses dies photo

Cliff Moses, a superb video editor, was discovered dead on Saturday, with first suspicions that he committed suicide.

The digital journalist worked for Citizen TV until he abruptly departed two months ago.

According to acquaintances, Cliff had already tried suicide.

They said that immediately after quitting Citizen, he attempted suicide but failed and was rushed to the hospital.

In the most recent videos on his TikTok channel, the journalist seemed to have foretold his death.

Cliff can be seen puffing and grooving to "Say Something" by A Great Big World in one of the videos.

"The reality is, I overheard you abandoning me," Cliff can be heard lip-syncing. And you don't believe it had any impact on me? My heart was broken by that gibberish."

The song chorus of the melancholy 'Say Something' plays in the background as the video fades to black.

He is known to have been depressed for quite some time.

He was characterized by pals as a cool man who was also a loner.

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