IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati on August 2022 polls interference

Chebukati unleashes an early bombshell, revealing Chiloba's plans to sabotage the August elections.

With fewer than three months until the August 9 polls, the Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission (IEBC) has criticized the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK), chaired by Ezra Chiloba, of refusing supply proper network coverage data all over country.

The election commission has issued an alert that the situation could lead to a national tragedy.

Wafula Chebukati and Ezra Chiloba's staff are at conflict over the state of the 3G network coverage. The IEBC has stated that the specified coverage of polling stations around the country is still being developed.

The IEBC commissioner, Abdi Guliye, chastised the CA for doing a "desktop survey" instead of a physical assessment of the country.

"We have yet to receive genuine data from the CA in regards of practically confirmed network coverage. Physical coverage on the ground may not match the computer evaluation.

"The IEBC was expecting on "pledges of better network coverage." Guliye declared.

He claims that the absence of meaningful data on internet connections makes things even more difficult for the electoral commission and puts them at risk of a third presidential race dispute.

Chiloba asserted in an interview with The Standard that the IEBC must perform any thorough inspection.

"While we can suggest the IEBC on coverage, it is their responsibility to physically authenticate the same because they know where the polling locations are," Chiloba said.

Chiloba stated that the Communications Authority's assessment report to the IEBC is appropriate because their actual appearance is not required for geo-mapping.

"They did it a certain way they did the geo-coordinates."

"They could ensure themselves depending on CA's analysis in the very same way they obtained the geo-coordinates. We were able to analyze the amount of coverage using ArcGIS software, a telecoms standard, in collaboration with telecommunications companies," Chiloba said.

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