Top Tiktoker Stunning Tina says she has to warn men over her big curves before dating
A curvy lady said she's learnt to emphasize her curviness before meeting anyone from a dating app so they don't suspect her of becoming a catfish.

Stunning Tina claimed that posting images were not enough, and that she'd have to emphasize her big booty and stunning curves prior to dates.

She took to TikTok to describe her pre-date conversation encounter and why the caution is so important.

Stunning Tina curves warning photos

"I know I'm not the only one that does this," she remarked.

"When I encounter a new person on a dating app, I genuinely spend a lot of time making sure he understands my thickness level."

"So that when he sees me, he doesn't say, 'Oh my gosh, she's gorgeous."

"Since nowadays, you're not honest on the dating app if you don't satisfy the guy's impression of you in his thoughts."

"So I constantly feel compelled to perform it as if it were second nature to me.

"The yams are here, the rolls are baking, and the cake batter is heavy, so I've got to tell him right away.

Stunning Tina curves warning photos

"Just show him a photo, I know you're thinking. No.

"It appears that photographs are insufficient; you need to emphasize the thickness."

"I feel like we're prepping kids for the most honest possible truth while they lie about entire families and lost limbs," one individual said.

As one person put it, "Nothing has to be highlighted, girl. These guys have the ability to take on any situation.

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