After Mukhisa Kituyi video with a woman in Mombasa, now under fire from Mitumba traders
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, Mukhisa Kituyi video clashing with Mitumba traders

The previous secretary-general of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, Mukhisa Kituyi has come under fire for his comments on the mitumba enterprise.

Kituyi brazenly stated during an Azimio campaign rally in Ukambani that Azimio la Umoja completely ignores the mitumba business but loves people who work in it.

He went on to say that their goal was to increase cotton farming so that traders could offer new clothing.

"We, the people of Azimio, admire people who work in the mitumba industry, but we despise mitumba." Kituyi explained, 

"We want to produce cotton and boost industries so that those in the mitumba sector may sell new clothing created in Kenya."

However, several Kenyans have reacted angrily to the statements, claiming that Azimio has shown that they are just concerned with the shopkeepers' votes, not their business.

"The Dynasty's coalition, Azimio, has once again gone clean on MITUMBA; through their spokesperson Mukhisa Kituyi, they have confirmed to Kenyans that they are only interested in their vote, not their business!" Gichaga Mwangi expressed himself.

"Azimio loves those who sell mitumba but not mitumba," Mukhisa Kituyi ultimately stated.

" He's implying that they value your votes but are unconcerned with your mitumba hustle. Start contemplating!" Kaslim remarked.

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