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Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has issued a strong message to Manchester City playmaker Jack Grealish, telling him to "keep out of the attacking line."

Grealish, 26, has been in the spotlight since City won the Premier League, and he seemed to be in a bit of a state during the club's treasure procession. While drinking beer, the England international made fun of his teammates, but others didn't see the humor, with Simon Jordan calling him a "moron."

As he celebrates the off-season, the former Aston Villa captain has headed out to Ibiza and then Las Vegas. Grealish was seen putting cans down his shorts and "swaying" at a raucous pool party with Liverpool rival Andy Robertson over the weekend.

Despite the fact that he is a tremendously famous character outside of sports, Murphy is afraid that the brilliant offensive midfielder is attracting curious stares. "He's built a rod for his own back, Jack," the 45-year-old said.

"He's become a scapegoat because he's gotten himself into certain circumstances he shouldn't have gotten himself into." And after you've committed a couple of misdemeanors and had a couple of well-documented troubles, you'll have to keep your head down and remain out of the firing line.

"There are methods and means to accomplish it." Even towards the end of the competition, when you've just won the league and seem to be farther down the road than everybody else, you stand up and say a little dumb stuff. "

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