DP William Ruto reveals his fears for George Luchiri Wajackoyah
William Samoei Ruto to wajakoyah photo

William Samoei Ruto, who is the deputy president, has strong feelings about George Luchiri Wajackoyah, who is running for president for the Roots party and has been in trouble with the law.

William Ruto told Wajackoyah's leader, Mr. Denis Itumbi, that he didn't like the fact that Wajackoyah planned to release his manifesto on Thursday, the same day that he was planning to release his.

Denis Itumbi even said, without any proof, that Mr. Wajackoyah was being helped by a strong force. 

He did this to draw attention away from the Kenya Kwanza event that was happening tomorrow.

"Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah will present his platform at the KICC on Thursday, June 30. The person who made the reservation and made the payment. 

"The apparent males the individuals who requested a joint media interview for tomorrow but were required to conduct it yesterday. Hamna Problem, however. #FreedomIsComing There is just ONE PLAN, and that is "#TheHustlerNationPLAN." Itumbi complained.

Itumbi's objections, however, did not sit well with other Kenyans, who insisted that there was nothing wrong with the Roots presidential contender releasing his manifesto on the same day as Kenya Kwanza.

 Kenyans replied with the following statements:
"Lol. Unadhani haezi pata pesa ya manifesto launch, why are you looking down on a real hustler like Wajackoya?"

What you ought to do is pay the media to cover your event live; they won't give a damn about Wajakoyah's event. Expect free publicity for your manifesto from the media if not, hamwezi kuwa mnafukuza media kwa events zenu.

It never occurred to me that Wajackoyah would keep you up at night, mambo kangaja huja.

Wajackoyah, despite having a large following of middle-class citizens, cannot afford KICC. 

This is extremely insulting, just like the way you've been referring to other political parties in Kenya as "Tuchama." Shame on you, Dennis. Before you were even born, Wajackoyah began working so he could support KICC on his own.

So you're saying that the Roots Party shouldn't release its manifesto because you guys will?

Yake, Maisha ni, nyinyi shughulikeni na zenu.

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