Mlolongo expressway car crash video footage

A CCTV video shows Saturday's fatal collision on the Nairobi Expressway near Mlolongo Toll Station.


The 8-second video shows routine toll station operations until a vehicle accelerates up to it.

It destroys the booth and a car at the station, generating dust and smoke.

The driver ignored the warning lights and sped into the booth, hitting other cars and hurting an officer.

At 10.16 pm, all three payment stations were packed. The fast automobile crashed into another.

 One vehicle was thrown into the air and smacked the incoming toll booth before falling on the vehicle being serviced. Four tyres flew toward the exits and the toll station.

According to police accounts, two occupants in the racing vehicles were seriously injured.

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) said in a statement early Sunday, June 26, that one vehicle was driving fast near the toll station exit. He'd hit the building, hurting the toll collector and others.

"A high-speed driver crashed at the Nairobi Expressway Mlolongo Toll Station." The driver drove into the toll plaza and hit exiting motorists.

The truck hit a toll booth and wounded a toll worker, the authorities said.

The wounded were treated and released from the hospital. Closed exit booth

 KeNHA told motorists the Nairobi Expressway would prevent future disasters. It also warned drivers to avoid speeding.

The company that built the multibillion-dollar expressway, Moja Expressway, announced a list of sanctions.

In the yet-to-be released road administration handbook, motorists face a Ksh8.8 million punishment for damaging the cantilever changeable information board. They'll pay Ksh1.9 million for breaking the ticket machine and Ksh2.4 million for destroying the car scanner.

Wrecking the toll booth or plaza camera costs between Ksh1.32 million and Ksh1.8 million.

Other punishments include Ksh143,000–Ksh262,000 for street critical damage and Ksh2,362 for graffiti.

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