Guardian Angel, a singer with his spouse, Esther Musila

The Guardian Angel, a singer, has revealed why his spouse, Esther Musila, has never been concerned with having a child for him.
Guardian Angel says that when they got married, their goal was to build a lasting relationship, not to have children.
"If I had married a younger woman who was younger than me and discovered she couldn't conceive a child, Would I be willing to send her away? 

" When I first entered our marriage, my focus was on my marriage, and children came in second. We don't mind if children come, but if they don't, we don't mind.

"It wouldn't change the way I feel about Esther," he remarked.
The answer comes following mounting pressure from Kenyans who have been harassing the pair since their wedding. Esther Musila, who is far older than Guardian Angel, is the source of all these haters.

Just days after marrying Esther Musila, a woman 20 years his senior, Guardian Angel, a gospel singer, has caused a stir.
Esther Musila, on the other hand, admitted that the most difficult aspect of marrying a Guardian Angel was the breach of freedom, as she is always seen wherever she travels.
In an Instagram short interview, a concerned fan asked, "What's the biggest problem in your love life?"
"That I don't have any more seclusion," Esther said. I can't go somewhere without being seen. "I miss having that independence," she says.
Esther Musila and Guardian Angel made it obvious that they have no time for naysayers who have negative energy when it comes to how they cope with keyboard warriors.
"How do you keep it alive in the face of so much criticism?" "I respect Guardian's devotion to you," one person said.
"I'm taking care of my affairs." Oh, how he adores me. I can't find time for them. She added, "I will never live anyone else's life but mine."

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