How Bongo star Mbosso has survived serious heart disorder for long, he reveals
Mbosso music videos despite heart problems photo

Mbosso, a big name in bongo music, has talked about how he has lived with a serious heart problem all his life.

The Hodari hitmaker revealed during a Wasafi press conference that he has a cardiac issue that frequently causes him to experience excruciating chest discomfort and abnormal hand trembling.

Even though I have a serious cardiac condition, I am grateful that I can exercise and at least stay in shape. 

Regular exercise gives me confidence, but the same workout is excruciatingly painful for me. "I occasionally go to sleep and wake up with such severe discomfort on my left side," he admitted.

Mbosso claimed that he had struggled with the ailment since childhood and that only his best friends, including his boss, Diamond Platnumz, were aware of it. "

Only people closest to me are aware of the condition, which I have had for a very long time." My mother is also aware of the problem, one of my supervisors was, and I also told Diamond and my co-parents about the illness. "I simply don't discuss my matters all that frequently," he said.

He said, however, that he is taking care of the illness, which, according to the physicians, was caused by fat that had clogged his blood vessels.

The musician said he was ready to go get treatment, but he was waiting to get things set up because the procedure would take a long time.

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