Corazon Kwamboka talks of Vera Sidika

Corazon Kwamboka discussed her troubled relationship with Vera Sidika in response to copycat claims.

Both Corazon and Vera hosted elaborate six-month-old celebrations. Others said the second replicated the first's pre-birthday party concept.

Corazon stated she didn't copy Vera since she doesn't see her social media postings.

The young mother said the Mombasa socialite banned her from Instagram six years ago.

"It's ridiculous to see such statements. I don't check Vera's page since I'm banned; we've never communicated. Sijui kama labda sahi ameni unblock, but I don't bother. Tujawai interact na yeye... I met her six years ago. Why did she block me? "elucidated

Corazon had postpartum depression (PPD). The mother of two also said she had postpartum depression after giving birth in August 2020.

Corazon claims she left the home with her kids after curfew without knowing where she was headed.

"I had PPD. First, I wasn't connecting with the baby because I was anxious. I started endangering myself. I remember one night when I began flipping out, got in the vehicle with the baby while drinking Corona, and drove out beyond curfew. I went with my automobile and began driving without knowing where I was heading. "Narrated.

The mother of two claimed she stopped at a gas station and wept hysterically before calling her baby daddy, Frankie.

"I drove to a gas stop, began weeping, contacted my assistant, and then called Frankie," she added.

From his relatives, Corazon learned she had postpartum depression. Her parents and Frankie's mom assisted her.

I spoke to Frankie's mom and recognized it wasn't the doldrums but postpartum depression, so I began treating it with my parents and Frankie's mom. I didn't visit a doctor but got great care, "said Corazon.

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