I will construct an entertainment house for women from 12billion frozen money -Rigathi Gachagua
Rigathi Gachagua, a deputy presidential candidate for the UDA. William Ruto deputy president's deputy president

Rigathi Gachagua, a deputy presidential candidate for the UDA, made online users angry when he said he would get back Sh12.5 billion that had been taken out of his account because of fraud.

Gachagua said that if Kenya Kwanza wins the presidential election in August, he will use the money that was frozen under the Uhuru administration to build a house at his home where men and women can get together and drink their favorite drinks.
And you know that when we take over the country, the money that this regime has frozen would be unfrozen,"
I will then construct a location where women can sing and praise while visiting Mama Gachagua and eating porridge. And because women enjoy dancing, I'll set up a kinanda for that, added Gachagua.

People on social media are upset about what he said, and most of them say he has the wrong priorities.

Furthermore, the Mathira MP was abruptly detained in 2020 on suspicion of embezzling Ksh12.5 billion in public monies.
His bank accounts had been stopped prior to his arrest, and officers from the DCI Crime Scene unit were looking into the origin of the billions that had flowed through his accounts.
The Asset Recovery Agency had blocked three accounts that contained Sh202 million, Sh165 million, and Sh35 million. They each have Sh700,000 and Sh1.1 million between them.
He is accused of using 22 companies as proxies to get bids through fraud, with only himself as the winner.

Investigators investigating the case are said to have visited at least five counties, government parastatals, and his own National Government Constituency Development Fund, where he is assumed of illegitimately winning tenders using 22 companies.

But Rigathi has denied the charges, calling them a political witch hunt because of his ties to DP William Ruto.

"This is a campaign of harassment and a witch-hunt against me because of my political stance... We cannot make business illegal. Hard labor cannot be made a crime. Since I left the government job, I have been in business for the past 20 years. "Naturally, I have a small bit of money," Gachagua added.

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