Moha Jicho Pevu gunshots drama at his office, blames Joho
Mohamed Ali, a Nyali MP talk of gunshots on his office

Mohamed Ali, a Nyali MP, has asserted that unidentified thugs attacked his office on Sunday night, putting his life in jeopardy.

Ali has alleged that his competitors were responsible for the attack, during which, according to Ali, firearms were fired.

He continued by saying that the raid's goal was to intimidate him into abandoning his political campaign.

We recognize that you are a very wealthy person, yet we are both impoverished and wealthy at heart. Till the last guy is standing, we will fight you with all of our wealth in our hearts.

"Utilize police protection as usual, but the residents of this county will ensure that a revolution is brought about to defend Mombasa county. As of right now, nobody has been detained.

Mohamed Ali, a Nyali MP talk of gunshots on his office

"The cops visited my offices and viewed the CCTV recordings. Although we are aware that shots were fired in the air at night, we are curious as to why such an occurrence would take place just across from the Deputy County Commissioner's office "In a press conference, the MP inquired.

He claimed that the gang was unable to obtain some desired documents.

"There are certain items that they have taken, but the police will provide further information later. They were looking for a file that I had been given, but I knew better than to leave it at the office. I still have the document, and we will continue to reveal more information gradually "He made a mention.

The MP's assertions that the attack had a political motivation were rejected by Mombasa's Director of Criminal Investigations, Barasa Walumoli.

"This is a straightforward burglary case; there was no involvement of police officials in any way. In actuality, the goons were shot at by the detectives manning the office, but they managed to flee.

"Just a TV from the front office was taken; nothing more significant. We do not know how many thugs broke into the building "The police chief stated.

Jicho Pevu blames the Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho for the incident. He added that the governor has a hand in that. 

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