Ngina Kenyatta's admirer, emuhaya man wishes her well in her marriage with the tycoon

Shem Berveton Mukalovic and  Ngina Kenyatta

Shem Berveton Mukalovic wished Ngina Kenyatta a happy marriage. Shem Berveton Mukalovic begged Ngina Kenyatta to love him months ago.

Shem made waves when he wrote to President Uhuru Kenyatta's daughter, Ngina.
The 31-year-old, who proclaimed his love for Ngina on Facebook on June 3, 2021, said:

"Ngina Kenyatta, Greetings from Emuhaya, the place of my forefathers and a long line of great men, where I sip tea to fend off the winter.

"I hope you're well at the State House. How can the home on the hill have lights on while your skin glows? Pardon my impudence in disturbing your repose so late at night.

"I'm the son of a cane cutter; your beauty's newest victim." A gun-uncocking beauty. You make me want it. You're like Pavarotti. I'm hypnotised. No one has captured my mind and awareness like you. If you have an ounce of poetry in your spirit, you know I adore you. "

He said that Ngina needs a king. Ngina Kenyatta's lover wishes her luck in marriage. The guy from Emuhaya Vihiga County wished Ngina well after her wedding. I wish her a happy marriage. It's her due.

"My biggest focus right now is on my self-development and protecting my future," he stated when asked whether he had lost hope when Ngina found her missing rib.


" I no longer prioritise love. As I improve myself, let love find me, " he said. Shem is a communications officer at a local firm.


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