The Roots Party's presidential candidate, George Wajackoyah photo

The Roots Party's presidential candidate, George Wajackoyah, has said that if his party wins the election in August, his government would end the Boda Boda business.

Wajackoyah, who has pledged to legalize marijuana, said the company would provide the riders with a different form of income while speaking at a rally in Busia County on Saturday.

The candidate said that in order to increase their income, the Roots party government would encourage more people to market and grow marijuana.

Wajackoyah told the people, "They will be the first to grow and sell bhang to make millions of dollars for the country."

The majority of Kenyans will be millionaires thanks to the revenue we will gain from the export of marijuana. We won't need boda bodas on our highways.

The presidential candidate said that his administration would implement a 24-hour economy where Kenyans would work four days a week to alleviate the present economic crisis that has seen high inflation expectations drive up food prices through the ceiling.

There will be three working sessions, starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 11 p.m., and at 8 a.m. He noted that the action would increase the number of jobs available to the young labor force and strengthen the national economy since we would have increased the revenue base.

Wajackoyah says that bhang is the key to boosting Kenya's slow economy and lowering the country's rising public debt.

The candidate is seen as a third contender in the election scheduled for August 9, 2022, with experts predicting that he would probably force a run-off.

Raila Odinga of the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition, William Ruto of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party, and David Mwaure Waihiga of the Agano party are the other candidates.

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