Nigerian woman cries for lacking a man and being single for longer in the UK

"How Do You Find a Partner, You Folks?" A Nigerian woman who has been single for seven years in the United Kingdom speaks loudly.

A Nigerian woman moved to the United Kingdom (UK) 7 years ago, but no man has ever approached her yet.

It came to the stage that she had to face her coworkers and inquire if there was anything odd with her.

The devastated woman took to social media to air her sorrows and ask for advice on how to find someone to love.

A lonely Nigerian woman who has lived in the UK for years has complained that she hasn't been able to find love there.

She claims she has been in the UK for seven years and that no male has ever sought her for a relationship during that time.

She wrote about her terrible experience on social media, saying that it bothered her so much that she had to ask her coworkers for help.

She asked if she had a problem, but they said she didn't and told her that she was in the same situation as them.

They scoffed at her while telling her that finding a partner overseas, particularly in the United Kingdom, is difficult. 

In a video posted by @instablog, the young woman begged strangers to teach her how to get a boyfriend.

"So guys, I've lived in the UK for 7 years now and not a single day has gone by with no one stopping me on the road to offer me," she claims. 

"So I went to work and inquired of my coworkers. Perhaps there's a problem with me."

However, they appeared to begin laughing and remarking that it was the same elsewhere. 

"All I want to know is what's going on. Where do you folks in the UK find love? We'd like to know. We've had enough of being single. "Unsingle us, please." 


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