Radio queen Lucky Mbabazi says Kenyan men are stingy while Ugandan ladies love money
Ugandan Radio Presenter Lucky Mbabazi on Stingy Kenyan men

Lucky Mbabazi, a media personality and Capital FM host, has cautioned Kenyan men from travelling to Uganda in search of women since they are stingy.

Mbabazi admits she was astonished when she heard tales that Kenyan guys came to Uganda hunting for females, but they dislike providing transportation and 'kameza' money for their girlfriends in a video she published on her social media sites.

According to Lucky, Ugandan ladies are pricey and can't stand being engaged by Kenyan guys who can't actually afford a lady alive on a daily basis.

“They don’t leave any money. I heard Kenyan men are looking for Ugandan women…don’t come to Uganda looking for our women, they love transport money and kameza money. 

" Do you understand? If you cannot give money don’t come to Uganda,” Lucky advised Kenyan men.

“In Uganda, if you get a Ugandan woman, you will have to pay for everything; transport money, walking money, hair money, even saying hi.”

" Don’t come here searching for our women, they are expensive, “added Mbabazi.

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