Reject that George Wajackoyah Bhang Manifesto, Catholic bishops warn voters
Reject that George Wajackoyah Bhang Manifesto

Catholic bishops have criticised politicians with pro-drug manifestos.

The bishops have advised Kenyans to be wary of leaders who advocate "immoral and unethical manifestos.

"In a statement read at Our Lady of Consolata Cathedral on Sunday by Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Nyeri, the bishops told Kenyans to stay away from candidates who support things like abortion, obscenity, and drug use.

Archbishop Muheria said manifestos should show Kenyans what a leader should be like, but some politicians have issued manifestos as a bonus.

"A nation has to be based on an ethical and moral basis to prosper," he said, adding that Kenyans should scrutinise each leader by glancing at their prior remarks and what they stand for.

Reject that George Wajackoyah Bhang Manifesto campaign

He said that Christians must vote.

"Everyone who votes in August should vote for a leader who embodies the vision of the people he wishes to lead, who involves the people in decision-making, and who inspires people to act freely and spontaneously," he said.

"Electing saints or angels isn't appealing." A leader must be humble when exercising his office. 

"Refuse to vote for leaders who will spread corruption; instead, vote for a leader who will promote reconciliation with nature and our creator, "Archbishop Muheria said.

He asked people to be calm during voting and said that Kenyans are not responsible when they use their right to vote.

We must choose people who will affect us individually and as a nation. We can't be casual about electing leaders, "he said.

In the past, the archbishop said Kenyans voted for politicians whose achievements haunt us and therefore shun leaders who bring evil to leadership.

He said that some people who want to be elected are reckless and don't care about the law when they steal taxpayers' money.

 He also said that others start deadly fights in communities, such as tribal conflicts that lead to post-election violence, and that others insult their opponents in ways that people will never forget.

"Our call this Sunday is to avoid casual voting and identify servant leaders in all six seats. Our nation, Kenya, will be like its leaders, " he said.

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