Babu Owino on Jacaranda riots in Embakasi
Babu Owino.

Babu Owino, a member of parliament for Embakasi East, has denied that he was behind the trouble at the Jacaranda Grounds on Sunday during a Kenya Kwanza protest.

According to Owino, the Kenya Kwanza Alliance team staged the mayhem that left five people hurt.

The Jacaranda field erupted into an auditorium of mayhem before the Kenya Kwanza rally, with youngsters loyal to the Azimio-One Kenya alliance and Deputy President William Ruto's brigade clashing.

Owino shared photos on his Twitter account that he says show he was not involved in the alleged assault that wounded Embakasi East UDA candidate Francis Mureithi.

Some teenagers threw stones at Ruto's motorcade in one picture, while the same loyalists guarded Ruto's caravan in the other.

"Take a close look at these images. At the same rally, the same people in the same outfit both threw rocks at Ruto's car and kept an eye on it. Stage managing your own assault, wacha kutubeba mafala (stop carrying us for fools)," Owino remarked.

Just hours before, Deputy President William Ruto had said that Raila Odinga's main political rival was using violence to get power.

DP Ruto described Odinga as "a dumb and a plan-less individual who also lacks answers to the country's difficulties" on his Twitter account.

He asked Odinga to tell Kenyans when he plans to stop using violence to get his way in politics.

"So much for being uninformed, rudderless, and planless about our nation's concerns and answers, Mr. Kitendawili. Kenyans are asking you a huge question, which you have failed to answer: "When are you going to quit using violence to gain power?" Ruto stated.


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