Team Univesity in Uganda cancels Johnson Sakaja degree named it fake


Johnson Sakaja fake degree cancelled by Team University

Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja's degree from Team University in Uganda has been cancelled by the Commission for University Education (CUE).

In a response letter on June 15, 2022, CUE stated that it had acquired relevant details from the Team regarding Sakaja's Bachelor of Science in Management degree, which emphasized the certificate's legitimacy.

"The Commission for University Education has, however, received material information about the authenticity of the degree you presented from Team University that will require further investigation to ascertain the validity of the said degree certificate.

"  Consequently, in accordance with the CUE recognition procedures, we hereby revoke the recognition of your degree - Bachelor of Science in Management (External) from the aforementioned university," the letter read in part.

However, the commission stated that it had obtained evidence from the Ugandan government confirming Sakaja's graduation from Teams University and the authenticity of his degree certificate.

The new situation comes only hours after the IEBC Dispute Resolution Committee heard four objections attempting to have Sakaja's authorization to run for Nairobi governor on the UDA party ticket revoked.

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