Harmonize and Frida Kajala engagement photos trending now

Harmonize and his fiancée/manager Frida Kajala deserve accolades. Konde Boy and Kajala wore colorful outfits as he proposed to the mother of one.

Kajala pledged to love him 'now, tomorrow, and forever'.

Harmonize ‘demotes’ his 2 managers, makes Kajala the big boss "Rajabu... Nitakupenda Leo, Kesho, Hadi Milele," Kajala promised.

Harmonize and Frida Kajala engagement photos trending now

Harmonize tried everything imaginable to win back Kajala and end their year-long quarrel. The singer purchased his girlfriend new automobiles and tattooed her face on his leg before proposing.

Lately, the ex-lovers made up after months of conflict.

The singer announced on social media that Kajala forgiven him and accepted him back.

Fridah and Konde tattooed each other's initials (H & K), but afterwards covered them up.

Harmonize purchased her two Range Rover Evoques for Ksh5 million each.

The Bongo singer purchased his ex-girlfriend a black Range Rover Evoque in April 2020.

She revealed her new relocation in social media postings about repentance.

After reconciling with Harmonize, Kajala discusses repentance.

Harmonize and Fridah dated when he was married to Sarah Michelotti.

He startled Sarah by saying the actress he messed with was his family.

Sarah Michelotti claimed, "He began seeing her in October 2020, and when I returned to Tanzania in November, he said she was his sister and he couldn't date her because she's elderly."

The bongo musician wholeheartedly supported the actress on Valentine's Day after their breakup, but their relationship lasted just three months.

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