Condom Man in Naivasha distributing free condoms to revellers

When a man in Naivasha asserted that the World Rally Championship-related condom shortage had not prevented individuals from acting impurely, it amused online users.

During the Safari rally, a Nakuru guy made the amusing assertion that people were fighting savagely because the county was experiencing a condom shortage.

The boda boda rider observed that most lovers are currently engaging in their relationships "bare knuckled."

He said in a funny way:

"Three days have passed, and nimeulizia ulizia sipati. Unatafuta haupati sasa imebidi ni hivo hivo tu." (It has been three days and there are now no condoms available; we just proceed as is.)

His workmate had similar views, saying:

I say, "Yaani mambo ni nyama kwa." 

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