[Video] Zimbabwe Socialite Angelica Sandie returns to Zimbabwe after being conned in Kenya
Zimbabwe Slay Queen Angelica Sandie photo

Finally, returning to Zimbabwe Slay Queen Angelica Sandie, who was duped in Kenya, has returned to her homeland.
After a peak time, Zimbabwean TikTokker Angelica Sandie has returned home.
After being conned in Kenya while visiting a boyfriend she met over the internet, Sandie gained attention on social media.
Sandie claims that she visited her internet partner in Kenya on June 13th. She claimed she did not know about her partner's drug dealing activities.
Six months had passed since Sandie and her unidentified partner began dating before she chose to travel to Kenya to see him.
She claimed that the partner misled her, telling her that he was from Sierra Leone when in reality he was a Kenyan.
On their trip to Mombasa, according to Angelica Sandie, three vehicles kidnapped them.
A briefcase full of cash, which she believed to be worth at least $250 000 US, was also taken by the hijackers.

Sandie was only left with the clothes she was wearing, but fortunately, her passport was still in her jacket's pocket.
Her partner was wounded in the knees and dumped by the side of the road.
The Zimbabwean Embassy in Kenya took in Angelica Sandie. So when she couldn't pay for her plane ticket back to Zimbabwe, she made videos asking people for money.
She was given a ticket back to Zimbabwe by other Zimbabweans who came through.
In a video she made shortly after her return, Angelica Sandie appreciated everybody who helped ensure her safe homecoming.
Said Sandie, "I've reached home, at last, my Zimbabweans." I sincerely appreciate your input, gentlemen. I've made it home. I'll contact my kid, who is undoubtedly eager to see her mother. "
In a video after landing in Zimbabwe from Kenya, slay queen Angelica Sandie may be seen in a video.

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