Where is Machachari show actor Babgee? Citizen tv show was an investment, he says
Duncan Wafula nicknamed Babgee real name. Citizen tv Machachari actor babgee  photo

Duncan Wafula nicknamed Babgee, who played a naughty kid in Machachari, says he still benefits from the programme.

Kids-centered Machachari was a Citizen TV show about youngsters from diverse neighbourhoods trying to be friends.

The programme ended in 2019, and unlike other actors who suffer after a long run, Babgee thrived.

"I still profit from being in that show. Clients want to work with me because they know and trust me "said Babgee.

According to his mother, Babgee was a stubborn, boisterous, clever, and intelligent child from Bungoma.

"Football was fun. John Mo Muiruri, Rivaldo (left-footed), or Gabriel Batistuta were nicknames. I liked Kung Fu films. Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Yuen Biao, Jackie, etc "saying

"I even hoped my parents would send me to Shaolin to become an abbot, but wapi," he said.

From Standard 7 to St. Mary's Kibabii Boys High, he became a genius.

In high school, he joined the chorus, worked on a science project, and performed as a rapper.

"After a Cardinal Otunga Girls event, I got the school's prettiest girl. I decided to become an artist "Babgee exclaimed.

After high school, he attended Kenyatta University for a BA in Theatre Arts, Film Technology.

Babgee joined Machachari in 2012/13 while still in university. Before that, he was in Punch and Makini's page on GBS TV.

The dreadlocked artist had a friend working as a camera assistant in the Royal Media Services production, so he joined him to the set and got an extra role without lines.

"I auditioned for Babgee and got it. A prepared opportunist meets opportunity, " he said.

"Amazing! I made new friends and became noticed. Coming from a lower-ranked TV station to the country's biggest was a major deal. I met my mentors and mentored others," the actor added.

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