Why did KRA refuse to reopen Keroche Breweries despite calls from Ruto and Raila
KRA Commissioner General Githii Mburu and Keroche boss Tabitha Karanja photo

The CEO of Keroche Breweries, Tabitha Karanja, pleaded with the Kenya Revenue Authority to permit the plant to operate, but she was ignored. She was much more troubled by this.

Both Raila Odinga, the former prime minister, and William Ruto, the deputy president, have asked KRA to change its mind, but neither has gotten any support.

Since it was restored in March, according to KRA Commissioner General Githii Mburu, Keroche has not paid any tax on alcohol sales.

The tax authority continued that Keroche owed the government a total of Sh22.79 billion, which was to be paid in installments as specified.

The company was given 24 months in March to pay Sh957 million in tax arrears.

We also promised that they would continue to pay their taxes on time so that they would remit them when they sold. "We waited for them to honor the payments once they made the first payment and we reopened their facility, but that did not occur," Mr. Mburu stated.

"For the third time, the taxpayer ignored the established payment schedule."

"KRA's general commissioner remarked that allowing a tax-evading company to continue functioning even after it breaks all payment agreements encourages injustice, fosters a culture of impunity, and permits a select few to utilize tax dollars for their own benefit."

On Monday, Ms. Karanja conveyed her sorrow at seeing the loss of more than 400 workers and the destruction of alcohol valued at hundreds of millions of dollars due to KRA's shutdown.

"The unpleasant news that we would be firing off our staff as a consequence of KRA's shutdown was something I was mulling about openly on Sunday afternoon."

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