William Kabogo dumps Ruto and declares himself Mt. Kenya Kingpin.


William Kabogo declares himself as Mout Kenya Kingpin

William Kabogo has anointed himself as the Mount Kenya area's mandated head.
The announcement comes after a political spat between Deputy President William Ruto and his running partner, Rigathi Gachagua, which included a vicious assault on the DP's running mate.


Kabogo, whose participation in Ruto's Kenya Kwanza alliance is in jeopardy after a parallel heated exchange with Kiambu gubernatorial candidate Kimani Wamatangi, claims he advised Ruto against picking Gachagua as his running partner.

I'm going to be honest with you. Gachagua will be coming shortly to speak with you. Because he is a tyrant, I did not want him to be nominated as Ruto's running partner. During a public rally in Kiambu, Kabogo said, "He is the reason I have trouble with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA)."

Kabogo was governor of Kiambu from 2013 to 2017, when he gave up his position to Ferdinand Waititu. He said there was a plan to pick the next governor of Kiambu, but he didn't show any proof.

"I've seen that Ruto and his UDA party intend to devour all of the opposition parties. I've stood firm in my refusal to be swallowed. They're preparing a rerun of how they manipulated the system against me in favour of Waititu. As a result, they want Wamatangi to be the next governor.

Kabogo is still stinging after a public brawl with Wamatangi in front of Gachagua.
The altercation took place during a rally when someone turned off his microphone as he was being blasted by followers at the gathering organised by Moses Kuria.


Kuria and Kabogo have subsequently left the Kenya Kwanza campaign team and have announced that they will campaign alone.

The two MPs even skipped a gathering in Ruto's neighbourhood over the weekend.
President Uhuru Kenyatta is the country's official head of Mount Kenya, but his upcoming departure means the title is open to competition.

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