20-08-2022 K24 match today at EPL Maskani, Crystal vs Aston Villa
20-08-2022 Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa  today at K24 EPL Maskani

This weekend, Crystal Palace will host Aston Villa at Selhurst Park in a desire to establish their outstanding performance at Anfield last time out. 

Steven Gerrard will look to keep going his winning ways after defeating Everton last weekend.

In the past two years, Palace has been the only team to defeat Liverpool at Anfield while there were spectators present.

The most essential thing is that they have the time of their lives while travelling, therefore that is all we aim to provide. 

Head Coach of the U12s Phil Hingston on the assistance provided to young prospects at the Academy

After losing to Arsenal so comfortably on the first day of Premier League activity, they knew they needed a victory to move up the standings when they travelled to Merseyside.

Only three of his team's attempts on goal were on target that day, and with players like Wilfried Zaha appearing disinterested, Patrick Vieira needed a flawless performance to earn a point at Anfield.

On a brilliant away team counterattack that day, Zaha did manage to score, as the Ivory Coast international expertly lobbed the ball past Alisson.

Throughout the entire game, Palace threatened Liverpool with counterattack after counterattack. It's fair to say that Palace gave it a very good shot and was unlucky not to get all three points on that particular day.

 Alisson would be tested throughout, and the Liverpool goalkeeper had to pull out all the stops to prevent them from taking a 2-0 lead. 

Luis Diaz made the difference in whether or not the Reds or Eagles ultimately scored a point. In that contest, Vieira's team managed four shots on goal.

While Villa also entered the contest in a similar manner, Gerrard's team prevailed in their previous encounter with a Merseyside team.

Danny Ings and Emi Buendia each scored a goal as the Midlands team easily defeated the Toffees. 

Both goals were very well executed and well taken. Everton defeated their opponents 2-1 thanks to a goal from Lucas Digne, a Frenchman who had previously scored an own goal.


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