CITAM church posts Sh 1.6 Billion tithe for 2021 up from Sh 600 Million in 2022

A financial statement that has been audited shows that Christ is the Answer Ministry (CITAM) has received Ksh1.57 billion in tithes and offerings as of December 2021.

According to a statement posted on the church's website, the higher sums mark a rise above the Ksh1.45 billion in tithes and offerings that were received in 2020.

The Pentecostal church said that the money came from the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, which made it possible for the church to empower their businesses like schools, hotels, and media stations like Hope FM.

It should be noted that the entire sum specified makes up a portion of the overall income, which totals Ksh2.5 billion, an increase from the Ksh1.59 billion received in 2020.

Part of the announcement states, "Total income for the year 2021 grew by 29% to Ksh2.53 billion, up from Ksh1.96 billion."

The statement said, "This was due to the progressive easing of the pandemic restrictions that led to the reopening of educational institutions, the recovery of enterprises, and the relaxing of the prohibition on social gatherings."

The church's interest income increased from Ksh10.5m in 2020 to Ksh26.5m in 2021.

Allowances, promotions, and perks that had been stopped in 2020 came back, which caused staff expenses to go up from Ksh608 million to Ksh678 million. This led to the church's growth even though income went up a lot.

Additionally, administrative costs saw a significant rise, rising from Ksh450 million to Ksh637 million.

The orthodox church linked this to the reinstatement of the limitations on church attendance that had been eased by the Ministry of Health during the COVID-19 epidemic.

All of the church's nationwide locations contributed to the total sum raised.

The major church's branch, CITAM Valley Road, gave the most money (Ksh335.3 million), followed by CITAM Woodley (Ksh110.3 million), CITAM head office (Ksh157.9 million), and CITAM Thika Road (Ksh157.9 million) (96.9 million).

There are also Protestant churches outside of the country, such as in Romania and the United States (US).

The church is exempt from paying taxes, much like other religious organizations in the nation.

"In these financial accounts, there are no tax provisions. Starting November 1, 2019, the ministry was exempted from paying taxes for five years, "the sentence said.

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