Man sues Ex-lover for being denied pregnancy care

A Nairobi man filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend for refusing to let him see her pregnancy.

In court documents, the guy goes by the name EMM and asks the judge to grant him permission to assist the lady JNC while she is pregnant with twins.

EMM contended that while JNC, the respondent, has been recalcitrant in accepting his assistance, he is legally permitted to assign duties as a father to the unborn children.

According to EMM, who was cited by the Standard, "The respondent has persistently refused to connect me with or allow me in with the pregnant journey despite having full awareness that I have been eager of having children and being a father, and a present one at that.

"I have obligations to the unborn children, which the respondent is preventing me from carrying out. I thus want the court to order the respondent to let me to be present both throughout the pregnancy and after the anticipated twin infants are delivered."

EMM claims that the couple first connected in 2020 and had a committed relationship before having to split up in February 2022.

He continued by saying that because they had previously lost two pregnancies and are now expecting a third, he would want to be there for the whole process leading up to birth.

" Despite being well aware of my desire to have children," EMM stated, "I have been kept in the dark on the pregnant journey, and I am continuously agitated and worried about the safety and future of my infants."

High Court Judge Mugure Thande, who oversaw the decision, acknowledged that he was perplexed by the situation and pointed out that most men choose to end a relationship once their partners get pregnant.

According to the terms of Article 26 of Kenya's 2010 Constitution, "the petitioner/applicant is aware that life starts at conception and that he is desirous to be present in the lives of his unborn children," stated Justice Thande.

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