Willy Paul now claims to be serious with Singer Jovial rather than chasing clout. Willy Paul added that Jovial has been providing calm in his heart and is now ready to settle down.

On the other hand, Jovial said that " Bwana Mkunaji" had been digging properly and could not wait to have that move forever. She said, " I was told yeye ni mkunaji. I was like eeeerrr... but his love exceeded my expectations. It's not a song but a reality. We are going somewhere with him. "


Willy Paul and Singer Jovial photo

Willy Paul posted on social media regarding what the fans have been considering him to be in his relationship with Jovial.

He said, " Kenya is the only place where mtu akifall in love becomes a big deal! Boss, no matter what you say... tushapendana and that's it!! Nothing will change ata mki fast. Na kwa wale wasichana maybe we had a convo going on poleni nishapenda kwingine.


Willy Paul and Singer Jovial photo

" I've always wanted to date someone like me, a fellow musician. Look at me and my toto. Beyonce and Jay Z 'itabidi' wamekujia classes. Yesterday I said this ain't no clout. It's true, we're dating.  On Monday, we tested our chemistry musically. I told my baby to open up and tell me how she feels about Bwana Mkunaji in a song... and she put me to the test. Soon we will let you all be the judges. UNASAHAU KILA KITU WALAHI MAPENZI NAYO UKIPATA BOSS. " 

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