Content creator Jackie Matubia and her boyfriend Blessing Lung'aho have responded to reports that they have split up.

This comes after reports that the couple, who have a kid together, split up when Jackie appeared in public without a ring. 

The relationship is strong. However, the pair affirmed their marriage's strength in an update on Jackie's YouTube page.

Jackie Matubia and Blesssing Lung'aho break up rumours updates and news

The mother of two also revealed why she didn't wear her wedding ring out.
"I was in a hurry that day since our baby was leaving, and I neglected to wear the ring and breaking news zikaanza hapo," Jackie said.

Blessing, on the other hand, said unequivocally that if they split up, they would make it public through their YouTube page.

"Jackie Matubia channel has provided official confirmation. "If we ever split up, we'll announce it here," the actor stated.

Jackie, an accomplished actress, also revealed her reservations about dating the multitalented Netflix actor.

In the same video, the actress expressed her dread of trusting again after a broken marriage and having a kid.

"Because I'm from, another marriage with a kid, and then another marriage that fails." heeh. Greetings, Mimi I'm screwed. "I was terrified of trusting again and so on," Jackie said.

In June 2022, the couple welcomed their first child together. Jackie, overjoyed, turned to Instagram to praise God for a safe birth.

"Wonderful news! The baby has arrived! We thank God for the safe birth. " The Oscar winner captioned a selfie of herself at the hospital with her spouse and their family doctor.

Jackie Matubia and Blesssing Lung'aho break up rumours updates and news

The actress is now a mother of two, since she has a daughter called Zari from a past relationship.


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