Kalonzo's Tseikuru neighbors ask Governor Malombe to fix the water problem

Tseikuru local searching for water despite having Kalonzo Musyoka for over 20 years

Residents of the Kinoru neighborhood in the Tseikuru ward of Mwingi North have requested Kitui Governor Julius Malombe's intervention so they won't have to go for hours looking for water.

The residents bemoaned having to go more than 10 kilometers to gather water, saying that it was exhausting and time-consuming. Tseikuru is the home of former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka.

Additionally, they made note of the difficulties experienced by school-going youngsters due to the need for them to arrive at school with water.

A local named Kalimi Mwendwa said, "Our children can't even walk 10 kilometers to get water, but they have to carry water to school."

She went on to say that the long drought had an effect on students who had to miss class because they didn't have enough water.

She said, "We want Governor Malombe to come to our aid so that our kids may study peacefully."

Another villager, Mwikali Musya, said that earth dams have been proposed for locations like school grounds to help address the problem of water scarcity.
"The community will thrive if we receive water near our schools, in addition to the children," she remarked.

Mwikali said that she sends her kids out on a long hike while they are still sleeping so that she may return, get them ready for school, and bring some water for them to carry to school.

She saw that they spent a lot of time traveling 10 kilometers to gather water.
Locals have begged the governor to take sinking water sources into consideration in keeping with his pledge to guarantee that residents have access to water.


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