Lang'ata MP Phelix Odiwuor, nicknamed Jalang'o, honored his baby's mother, Cheptoek Boyo.

Lang'ata MP Phelix Odiwuor, nicknamed Jalang'o, honored his baby's Mama, Cheptoek Boyo.

Cheptoek, a media celebrity and single mother, is 35 today.

The media celebrity sent a statement on his Instagram page thanking everyone for their support as she celebrated her 35th birthday.

Although Cheptoek identified failure as her greatest concern, she also pointed out that sometimes making errors has turned out to be for the best.

" My 35th birthday is today. So much poise and endurance. My day was brightened when a buddy just informed me that I am no longer a young person.

"I've never been scared of becoming old. Failure has always been my greatest fear, but I've since discovered that every setback has only served to guide me in the correct direction, " she wrote.

Jalang'o participated in the festivities honoring Cheptoek on her special day.

The lawmaker wished the media star many more years ahead in the statement he posted in the comment area.

Jalang'o wished her a happy birthday and many more.


Cheptoek and Jalango wife number one

The MP notes that because of their relationship, co-parenting has been simple for the two of them since they share a daughter.

After winning the Lang'ata parliamentary seat, the media personality sent a congratulations letter to Jalang'o on August 10.

Cheptoek thanked him and lauded his energetic efforts.

"Happy birthday, #BabaSalika @jalangoo!" You battled valiantly and prevailed. " She added on her Instagram Stories, "You are the ideal option for the people of Lang'ata.

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