Lillian Ng'ang'a defends her husband Juliani for being broke


Juliani and Lilian Nganga being broke

Following ridicules for being poor, Lillian Ng'ang'a has come out to discuss her husband Juliani's solvency position. 

Together with Juliani, they denied being broke in an interview with Nation, but they still wanted to show their detractors that they were living well.

"Do we seem impoverished? In any case, there is no necessity for us to explain our situation to others who are not part of our lives. What more do I need if you have a roof over your head, are healthy, and aren't going to bed hungry? If the kid is okay, too." said Lillian.
To make a mockery of the individuals who said he was broke, Juliani stated he chose to post a pay bill number and act as if he was in desperate need of money.

"I made the decision to have fun since I had been the target of several jokes, I also made the decision to participate. If such a circumstance arose, it is the last thing I would do. I have close friends who have supported me throughout my life and I can contact them to talk about these things," he stated.

On September 21, 2022, Lillian's husband said that he was broke and requested financial assistance from Kenyans through a Paybill number he supplied.

In a video he posted on Wednesday afternoon, Juliani said that the big amounts of money he had put into his projects were the reason he was having trouble.

"I have invested money into everything I have done over the last three years. I have nothing—not sponsors, not investors, not investors at all. I saved some of my money for it," he replied.

Lillian's husband made a suggestion that, in order to finish some of his initiatives, he even take on a number of debts.

He also expressed his regret for missing the opportunity to spend time with his kids and thanked his wife, Lillian, for her support. He also mentioned the financial difficulties he is presently experiencing.

 "Because I'm working hard to pay off the obligations I took on to fulfill a number of promises I made to keep, I'm finding it difficult to spend time with my kid. I'm quite appreciative that my Lillian has been able to grasp what I'm attempting to do.

"If you see me laboring, know that I'm not working only for my benefit. I have a home over my head, I have food to eat, and I can support myself," he said.

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