President Ruto: I will work with Raila but not in con Handshake game


President William Ruto with former President Uhuru Kenyatta photo
President William Ruto with former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President William Ruto has denied allegations that he colluded with previous President Uhuru Kenyatta during the campaign for the August 9th elections, which he ultimately won.

Dr Ruto said that rumours and hearsay about Uhuru planning a "long con game" in which he would pretend to back Raila Odinga for president of the Azimio party while backing Ruto were not true.

Ruto continued by acknowledging that it had been painful to hear Uhuru Kenyatta back Odinga, but he had to face the facts and go on.

It is challenging, but it is also the truth. Living in denial would waste a lot of time. "When it became clear that Uhuru Kenyatta would not back me, I changed teams and, by God's grace, we were able to win the election," said Ruto.

"No bridge has been burned. There isn't a problem. There was a contest. In a competition, there are victors and losers. Either I or they might have done it. "

Speaking to BBC News Africa, President Ruto broke his silence on Raila and Uhuru's friendship.

He also said that he had talked to Kenyatta and Odinga, who he thought of as fellow Kenyans despite the election results, and that he had been in touch with them.

"As our previous president, I'm speaking to Uhuru Kenyatta right now. I will ask Raila for information for you. I'll address them. They are the pioneers of our nation. We were rivals, but now we are countrymen with a duty to protect our homeland. We are all serving the same nation, whether you are in the executive branch as a president like me or in opposition like Raila and his warriors, "he said.

Ruto said that he would consider hiring Odinga to work in his administration, provided that it is not done under the handshake agreements.

The handshake, he claims, was the "greatest scam" this nation has ever seen.

"It is not up to me to determine what responsibilities Raila Odinga can play as a Kenyan leader when he chooses to retire. He may assist Kenya in other endeavours, perhaps in the Great Lakes Region, or he could collaborate with us as an ageing statesman. For Kenyans only. I would find something for Raila Odinga to do if he dropped by, but not under the handshake agreement, " he added.

"The largest scam committed against the Kenyan people was the handshake agreement. It wasn't supposed to happen. As soon as you give in to the opposition, you are moving down the wrong path and a lot of bad things will happen, just as it happened, "said Ruto.

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