Aisha Jumwa Katana cries in Parliament during vetting


Aisha Jumwa, who ran for governor of Kilifi before, cried on Tuesday as she talked about how she was forced to get married young.

Jumwa, who is running for the CS position for public service, equality, and affirmative action, talked about how she grew up in a low-income family and how hard it was for her parents to take care of her and her 27 siblings.

When she testified before the National Assembly Committee on Appointments, they asked her to start with a personal story.

The former Malindi politician added, holding back tears, "I was forced to marry at a young age after dropping out of grade eight owing to a lack of school expenses."

She said, "My parents were not well off; they used to struggle to support me and my other 27 siblings."

I didn't finish elementary school until 1991 because I couldn't afford the tuition since I was living at home and had no chance to broaden my horizons.

This is one of the traditions that have to be stopped. "Early marriage welcomed me with wide arms, and I became the mother of my firstborn."

Later, in 2011, she will enroll as a private candidate for the KCSE.

I returned to school after losing elections, finished the KCSE in 2011, continued on to the JKUAT, and graduated with a degree in governance in 2022.

In 2015, she also earned a master's degree in executive leadership.

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