Jimnah Mbaru news over child support

A Nairobi court has ordered the millionaire businessman to submit to a DNA test in order to determine if the millionaire businessman, Jimnah Mbaru, is the dad of the kid at the centre of a child support dispute.

Children's Court Principal Magistrate Jackie Kibosia said that the businessman had to take the test to find out if he is the biological father of the four-year-old child he is thought to have had with a 24-year-old woman.

The woman asked the court to order Mbaru to take care of his responsibilities as a father because she said he was careless.

Lempaa Soyinka, the woman's lawyer, contested the motion, arguing that the court needed to take note of the fact that young women are vanishing when they file child support lawsuits against powerful individuals.

According to him, the mother's protection and the child's security are intertwined, and the public's awareness of this fact is necessary. For the time being, the Law Society of Kenya indicated an interest in becoming a party to the dispute.

4.4 million Kenyan ShillingsThe 24-year-old mother is asking for KSH 4.4 million in spousal support annually. One woman said that Mbaru was the child's father in 2018. The teenage mother stated that the businessman used a power of attorney to transfer his parenting responsibilities to one Erick Murimi Kaburu, considering the child as a "chattel product" as a result.

She alleges in court filings that according to the "said Memorandum of Understanding" dated September 10, the "putative father" was supposed to pay KSh 50,000 each month for the upkeep of the child.

In the documents for the lawsuit, she asks for KSh 320,000 per month and KSh 600,000 per year for the child, who goes to Kitengela International School in Kajiado county.

She requests Ksh 50,000 per month for food, Ksh 50,000 for medical costs, Ksh 50,000 for clothing, Ksh 100,000 for shopping, Ksh 20,000 for other expenditures, and Ksh 50,000 for home assistance.

She accused Mbaru of abandoning the kid by appointing an outsider as the child's guardian, despite the fact that he was the child's biological father.

According to court records, "Mbaru is a senior citizen and a well-known businessman who controls enterprises worth billions of shillings, including banking and ownership of Nairobi Security Exchange, and is thus able to provide for the kid without any difficulty."

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